Thursday, March 22, 2018


Post by Omer BarSadeh

I remember my mother yelling at me when I was only five years old for sitting too close to the television screen.  I could sit and watch it for hours and hours.  It didn’t matter whether it was a film, TV show, game show, adults programming, or commercials and advertising.  I loved watching the stories, the people, and the places that appeared on the screen, quenching my mind as I got closer and closer to the box.  I always loved the medium of television and cinema.  Growing up in Israel in the 70’s, we didn’t have many options, but whatever was on TV was my favorite.
When I was seventeen, I had the opportunity to meet a producer that specializes in TV commercials. After a short conversation, I was offered a production assistant position in his company.  Two weeks later, I left my family and friends in the small town I lived in, and moved to Tel-Aviv – the big film-making industry city of Israel.
With adrenaline pumping through my veins, I started learning about television, advertising and other video formats.  I was learning from one of the biggest producers in the country, and I soon became an expert myself.
By understanding different video formats, the broadcast channels, the audiences you can reach and what works best for what, you can minimize cost, time and effort directly on your way to success.
In the article, I’d like to focus on becoming an expert in your field, and how it can generate an amazing amount of leads for your business.

Online videos optimized on YouTube or other search-engine-based video platforms are fantastic.  For the viewer, it is easy to find any answer, demonstration, or training via video, and instantly.  For the advertisers, it’s an amazing tool to reach the specific target audience looking for the product or service they have to offer.  If you create a video that brings new information to the viewers and convinces them they should further explore your website, you can basically “traffic” them – send them to your website.  Once they’re there, you can expand your message, focus on other important details, and even promote sales.  In short, this YouTube video that simply answered a question brought you a potential client.
The “how-to” YouTube videos are simply fantastic.  These will address specific questions such as:  “how to change a flat tire.”  The video will explain step-by-step how to do it, going through all the steps in the process.  By the end of watching your well-done video, not only did your viewer get the information to do it themselves, but now they trust you as a credible source for information.  They will quite possibly look for other videos you may have posted. But, when it’s time to buy a new tire or come in for a re-alignment or any other service, they’ll come to you. You’ve presented yourself as a service provider who knows what he does, seems friendly and trustworthy, and as a generous professional who took the time to share valuable information for free.  “If he did that, he’ll probably take the time to provide great service as well!”
To make sure you can get to this buyer, harness the power of the video title.  The words included in the title are the words search engines will find.  The engines are matching words, so as many words you have in the title that match the words the searcher typed in, the more hits your video will receive. Before posting, become your potential client for a second, and think what THEY will write when searching videos.  For example: if you sell a line of anti-aging facial products, you can use titles such as: “Anti-Aging cream,” or “How to Apply Anti-Aging Products.”  If your clients search “which is the best anti-aging product,” your title contains the answer:  “Jane Doe’s Line – Best Anti-Aging Product in the market.”

Use this tool as much as you can, and always think of it as though you are providing a service to a million-dollar customer. You can never lose!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Is Online Video Important?

In the 19th century, some of the biggest inventions were electricity, phone, airplane travel and more. All of these allowed humanity to evolve and function better. For the first time, communications between different places around the world became easier. Messages were delivered within minutes or days, compared to weeks or months previously.
Radio, photos and film were the most reliable sources for news and information. Later, television brought developed and scripted entertainment programming into the living rooms, in addition to news.

The 20th and 21st centuries are known to be the periods in which the most advanced technological improvements were developed, and which evolved in the shortest time. But the biggest changes came with the computer, the Internet, and the public use of both. The accessibility and affordability of these technologies have thoroughly changed the game.
People all over the world have an instant connection to explore, share, watch, comment, create and shop.

Whoever didn't take the step to be a part of this technology evolution is being left behind.
Accessing this huge pool of information is available all the time provides a huge addition to a person life and knowledge. For the business owner the Internet doesnʼt just provide access to information that is so crucial, but it also gives the opportunity to expand the client base, and in many cases today, to sell directly to clients.

The fast growth of the Internet in the past decade has been tremendous. As you may remember, if you wanted to view a picture online a few years ago, downloading it would take a few long seconds, if not minutes. Today, you can effortlessly stream films and television shows in high-definition quality, as well as live shows, news or even seminars.

In addition to the Internet, technology in general evolved and became more available, allowing anyone to record music, edit films, create graphic art, write books, or anything else one desires – all from his own house, using equipment and resources he could never have found a few decades ago without spending a lot of money.

The combination of great technology available to us combined with the ability to share it with the world and control direct response within hours, minutes or even seconds is a huge advantage to those who understand it.

Video has become one of the biggest tokens in the business and technology game, and if you start using it properly, youʼll greatly increase your chances of winning that game, and soon. Different kinds - from Social Media ads to Website Video, How-To videos and educational pieces - videos give put you in the center and create interest from your audience.

Video is not a 'maybe' tool. Today, video is a must.
To learn more and find out how you can increase YOUR business via video, please contact us at We'll be happy to assist you throughout this fun, powerful process.