Wednesday, December 8, 2010


By Jacob Omer BarSadeh for Vision Film and Television Production

We all know that video is becoming the most powerful tool to deliver information. In a short time the viewer sees images, hears sounds and voice-overs, and reads titles that all deliver a message. But above all, a well made video has an amazing advantage over print or still images: they convey an experience.
The viewer feels, laughs, cries, gets scared, or falls in love.

Whether it's a service or a product you want to sell or promote, video is your best tool.

If you are looking to create a marketing video, use these tips to achieve the best results:

1. Identify your target audience:
By knowing who you're after, you'll be able focus on a campaign that appeals directly to them. If it's children, create a fun, childish spot; women – go for the heart; men – through exciting adventures!

2. Find where your audience is hanging out:
Is there a TV channel they're watching? A blog they're following? A forum? A website? By identifying their hang-out place, you can reach more of them, and deliver a direct message - specifically for them.

3. Create a memorable piece:
Tell a story that your audience will remember. By doing so, you'll create a conversation in your target audience community. Think about it: what are the videos you remember? The funny one, the dramatic one, the different ones.

4. Don't compromise quality:
To make an impact, a great idea is not enough. Telling a story is hard work and often requires professional help. You may know who you're after and where to find them, you might even have an amazing idea – then choose the right people to help you make it happen! The right team can make your vision a reality. If your video looks bad or misses the point - no one will pay attention to it... So don't compromise the quality of the video.

That's it! You're all set! Producing your spot can and should be fun - so get started!

To get professional advice, and for more tips, visit Vision Film and Television Production, the leading
production company for small and growing businesses!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Vision, the Los Angeles video production company shows up to support an fund-raising event

Jacob Omer BarSadeh for Vision Film and Television Production went to support My-Life-My-Power and Success-For-Kids fundraising event on November 30, 2010. The event took place at the high-end SLS Hotel in Los Angeles.
Hosted by Marla Maples, And Daniel Puder the event attracted supporters such as David Arquette, Jeremy Piven, and many other television show hosts, actors, singers, producers and writers from the Hollywood industry.
Daniel Puder, the American professional mixed martial artist, founded My-Life-My-Power about 2 months ago, to empower youngsters and help them build their self-esteem. Puder, who was bullied as a child, founded the non-profit after several suicides were committed in a period of 3 weeks.
Daniel Puder, Founder of My-Life-My-Power

Success-For-Kids, a non-profit organization that helps children around the world make better decisions, has partnered with My-Life-My-Power, and together they will be able to create a major change: from educating the bullies to empowering the bullied to increasing national consciousness to break the bullying cycle.
Marla Maples, host

Vision supports SFK by donating time and money to its growth and success. In addition to helping with the organization's videos, Vision is currently producing the documentary film "Racing Awareness" that tells the stories of 4 children around the world before studying SFK, and throughout one year of studying the program.

The event was wonderful, and items such as autographed Beatles albums, Madonna signed CDs and more were offered to bid on.
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Friday, November 26, 2010


With hundreds of music producers, singers and artists on the one hand, and film and video producers, directors and crew members, Omer BarSadeh and Michael Seligman for Vision Film and Television Production was invited to the important, most colorful yearly ceremony that took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
Vision is now starting to produce more music videos and promote starting artists, and partners with them to success.

On red carpet next to Staples Center

Hosted by Chelsea Handler, the event held performances of Eminem and Rihana, Taylor Swift, and legendary Jannet Jackson.

MTV brought the VMAs back to the west coast for a live, star-studded sTaylor Swift sings her moving new song

how in Los Angeles, packing a powerful punch of side-splittingly funny entertainment, awe-inducing performances, and twitter trend-worthy moments.

Host Chelsea Handler was uncensored and all-out hilarious as she riffed on everyone from Justin Bieber to Jersey Shore. But the night truly belonged to another lady—Lady Gaga.

Gaga dominated, winning in eight categories and wowing in wardrobe changes, which included a gown made of meat. Yes, meat.

Read more on MTV's original post

It was a lot of fun!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Vision-Film & Television
Production’s Omer Bar Sadeh and Head Writer Michael Seligman showed up to
Capitol City Sports Bar and Grill September
30th for the premiere of Logo Network’s
newest reality TV show, The Arrangement.Omer came out to support Vision’s industry
peers Joe Del Hierro, and David Stanley, two
executive producers for the show. The
Arrangement follows a group of twelve
floral designers competing for the winning
title. Stanley, a native to the flowerdecorating industry came up with the
concept for Logo.
Omer BarSadeh and Joe Del Heirro, Executive Producer
"The Arrangement"

Omer watched the premiere
episode with the likes of top Hollywood
celebrities, producers, and managers,
wherein the contestants had to make a
floral arrangement around nude sushi
models. Overall, “it was a great night to
come out and support some of my friends in
the industry and be a part of a new hit
show,” says Omer.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Omer Bar-Sadeh, Perry Farrell, and Etty Farrell

On September 27, Vision-Film & Television Production’s Omer Bar-Sadeh attended “We Are Golden”, an event put on by Open Artists With Open Arms, founded by Brad Bilanin and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center benefiting the Center’s youth development program, LifeWorks. The star-studded concert held at Arena Nightclub had celebrity appearances from Perry Farrell (the founder of Lolapalooza) and his wife Etty, along with a show-stopping performance from recording artist Kina.
The event was organized by Temple Media Productions and was headed by owner Guy Baruch along with Brad Bilanin. Omer enjoyed coming out to show Vision’s support for the Open Artists movement and also their support for a fellow production company!Omer Bar-Sadeh with Kina

Omer Bar-Sadeh and Guy Baruch


On September 25th Vision-Film & Television came out to the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood to support Ralph Kinnard’s directorial debut , A Mi Me Gusta. At the sceening, Jacob Omer BarSadeh got a moment to speak to Kinnard and take a photo!

Jacob also had the chance to talk to the leads of the film, Monica Pasqualetto and Jonathan Ashford. Jacob was very excited to come out to the premiere and show Vision’s support not only for A Mi Me Gusta, but for fellow artists in the industry!
Here’s a brief synopsis of the film written by Rosa Clemente: “When Margartia's dreams, to become a famous cook come to a crumbing halt when immigration kicks her out of the country - her arrival in Venezuela is painful. Little does she know that the famous English chef, Paul Welsare, is about to arrive in Venezuela and this will give her the opportunity to dream again” (IMDB).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vision creates video for Humanitarian Awards Brunch BCC on the Walk of Fame

230 BCC members, family, and friends gathered on Sunday, May 23 at the elegant new W Hotel at Hollywood and Vine, just steps from the Walk of Fame. Honoring three highly deserving BCC members for their selfless devotion to BCC and the larger community, this year’s Humanitarian Awards Brunch raised $140,000 to support BCC’s ongoing programs and services, including $24,000 from the silent auction. All of these numbers are BCC record breakers!
Following welcoming remarks by Brunch co-chairs Lauren Schlau and Mark Farber, the formal program began with our own Rabbi Lisa Edwards as emcee. She joked that she overcame her fears of serving in this role by realizing that she serves as an emcee for God
on Friday nights! BCC Cantor Juval Porat and member Tamara Kline-Rivera also entertained us with renditions of “The Climb” by Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe (sung by Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana) and “Because” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The first award of the day was presented by BCC President Bruce Maxwell to Wells Fargo Bank in recognition of its outstanding commitment to diversity and philanthropic support of non-profit organizations. Wells Fargo is the largest corporate donor to non-profits in Los Angeles and among the top five in the U.S., and has provided assistance to BCC in the purchase and Honorees Kenna Love, Bill Resnick, Hannah Theile Larry Nathenson reconstruction of our new building above and beyond normal banking services. The award was accepted by Senior Vice President Jan Upton. Next came the presentation of this year’s Presidents Award to Hannah Theile and Kenna Love.
This year’s recipient, Dr. Bill Resnick, was introduced by Harriet Rossetto, CEO of Beit T’shuvah, a congregation and residential treatment center for those suffering from addiction and their families. Drawing a parallel between BCC and Beit T’shuvah as communities serving Jews who have not always been welcome in the mainstream Jewish community, she proudly described Bill’s past leadership role in Beit T’shuvah and looked forward to his future service as president of its Board of Directors.

A BCC member since 1999, Bill lives in West Hollywood with his partner Doug Cordell. In addition to his professional work as a psychiatrist, he serves as co-chair of BCC’s Capital Campaign Committee for our new building and has also devoted countless hours as a leader and volunteer with other organizations including the Venice Family Clinic, the Menninger Clinic, the Advance Equality Fund of the Liberty Hill Foundation, the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, and the Courage Campaign for the marriage equality movement. In his acceptance remarks, Bill modestly said that he is surrounded by humanitarians and owes much of his success to the fact that he has chosen leaders well. On a more personal note, he recalled that his first exposure to BCC was when he was 14 years old and lived in Culver City near Temple Akiba, which BCC then rented for High Holidays. While walking his dog, he met some BCC members who “looked normal,” and he formed a good impression even before coming out. Bill kept his remarks short on the advice of his young goddaughter Jessica, and played back her phone message telling
him to “thank people” and “not talk too long so people won’t get bored.”
Rounding out the event was the premiere of a short film by BCC members Pam Postrel and Jacob Omer Bar-Sadeh from Vision - Film and Television Production about BCC’s history, featuring many current and past BCC members. Rabbi Edwards introduced the film by reminding us that the preceding day, May 22, was California’s first official “Harvey Milk Day” and would have been the 80th birthday of California’s premier gay activist. The film, entitled “BCC at 38: the Life and Times of the World’s First LGBT Synagogue,” is available for viewing on the BCC website,

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Fran Chalin – Always in our Hearts

If you missed the December 1 musical tribute to BCC cantorial soloist Fran Chalin, entitled “Always in our Hearts,” you missed a very special evening. If you were there, you’ll cherish the songs and the parodies, the jokes and the testimonials, almost as much as you’ll miss Fran.
In addition to Fran herself, a choir of accomplished cantors and cantorial soloists graced the stage at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills – Cantors Perryne Anker, Marcelo Gindlin, Evan Kent, Sam Radwine, and Aviva Rosenbloom, and BCC members Cantor Ellen Jaffe Gill and Barry Wendell. And our special guest star Gwen Stewart, the original soloist for “Seasons of Love” in the Broadway production of “Rent,” received a standingovation for that song and for “I Know Where I’ve Been” from “Hairspray.” There was Yiddish, of course, with Fran and the BCC band and choir performing “Alle Brider” (All Brothers), “Bei Mir Bist Du Sheyn” (By Me You Are Beautiful), and “Lomir Alle Freylich Zayn” (Let’s All Be Happy), among others. Thebookends for the concert were the songs “Grateful” and “Let Music Bring us Together,” the latter jointly by Fran and Tamara Kline-Rivera.

Our thanks for this wonderful evening go to Mindy Blum and Amanda Bender (organizers and worker bees), Ted Greenberg and Ray Eelsing (stage direction and aesthetics), Pam Postrel and Jacob Omer Bar-Sadeh (video), Davi Cheng and Joanne Laipson (graphic design), Tamara Kline-Rivera (musical producer and pianist), and Cecilia Quigley (scrumptious desserts), as well as BCC’s executive director Felicia Park- Rogers, Victoria Delgadillo, and Tim Goad, and the clergy and staff of Temple Emanuel. We thank our guest musicians Jonathan Lee, Rachel Siegel, Megan Foley, Larry Tuttle, Brady Cohan, and Novi; BCC’s klezmer band Gay Gezunt (Amanda, Davi, Scott Ferguson, Jeanelle LaMance, Dave Parkhurst, Stephanie Plotin, Lauren Schlau, Tami Singer, and Rebecca Weinreich); and BCC’s choir Shirey Chayim (Amanda, Davi, Ilene Cohen, Ray, Vanessa Eisemann, Liatt Granott, Ted, Howard Hamburger, Ellie Herscher, Jay Jacobs, Jeffrey Janis, Dave, Stephanie, Estaire Press, Cecilia, and Sue Terry). I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone; please accept my apologies.

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Jacob Omer BarSadeh: Founder of Vision - Film and Television Production

Jacob Omer Bar-Sadeh was born in Singapore, the son of Israeli Army delegates. Raised in Be’er Sheva, Israel, Omer began his directing career at the age of 14, when his father bought him his very own Hi-8 camera. Omer painstakingly created a short film using stop-motion animation that featured an inchworm, an apple and a hungry bird.

At age 17, before beginning his service in the Israeli Army, Jacob’s passion for filmmaking brought him to Tel Aviv where he worked as a production assistant at Filmind—one of Israel’s largest commercial production houses—under the tutelage of preeminent producer, Ron Assouline. Hungry to learn as much as he could, Jacob worked overtime learning his craft both on-set and in the magic recesses of Filmind’s editing bays.

After four years in the Army, Jacob headed to Jerusalem, where he studied Film and Television at Hadassa College. Post graduation, Jacob went to work for Jerusalem Capital Studios as a producer on feature films and major TV commercials. He also produced his first television pilot, “Habe’er Hashvi’it” (“The Seventh Well”). Jacob’s unique vision and talent for storytelling gained the young producer lots of local attention, but he wanted more.

In 2003, the aspiring director pursued his dream of making big budget commercials, music videos and features. He moved to Hollywood, California and formed his own production company, Vision Film and Television. His first client was the Israeli Television Network. Jacob produced, directed and edited a series of commercials for the cable channel. Within a few years, Jacob expanded his business. He produced and directed more than 100 commercials, industrial videos, music videos, and Internet spots for medical offices, fashion and beauty lines, insurance companies and skin care brands. Jacob earned a reputation in the local community as an artist capable of creating high-quality work on a small budget.

Jacob is excited to expand his resume to include big budget commercials for national brands. With an eye on his future as a film director, Jacob is also currently working on his first feature documentary "Racing Awareness".