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It doesnʼt matter if youʼre an entrepreneur, a doctor, an actor, a chef, an artist; or whether
you have a physical workplace or work from home – youʼre a business owner. If you want to
sell your service, product or just present yourself better, you need a video, especially if you
want to stay on top of the game.
Throughout the years Iʼve met many clients who understood how important it is to have a video for their business. They spent money on it, and hired production companies to do produce one for them. They gave those producers 100% responsibility, and didnʼt get involved in the process. The results were disappointing: The videos were never perfect, and in many cases, even made more damage then helped their businesses.
This book will allow you to dive into the video-making process and to better understand the
principles of branding and marketing, as well as how to effectively use them to promote your
business and make it extremely successful. It will not require you become a video produce…