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It's true. I worked on this show over the summer. I even had to give up my Rosh Hashana celebration as we were filming deep into the night that day. But it was worth EVERY moment.

K-Town is a reality show based in Korea Town, Los Angeles, CA, and it captures moments in the lives of eight extra ordinary people. The eight friends live in Korea Town, which the show describes as an fascinating, fun and delicious place - for the first time.

The group includes seven Koreans, and one Chinese. Some of them are extremely successful, some of them less and are struggling with work and money. But they all have big personalities and (very!) unique opinions. About life as well, but mostly about their friends.

During the second season, the group is dealing mostly with planning Young and So-Young's wedding, and the challenges they go through along the way. Friendships, trust, love and hook-ups are only a few of the drama moments, aside of clubbing, sex, a lot of alcohol and fighting.

One of…

"No Strangers" Review - Annanberg - Space For Photography

Many times, we're caught up with things that are extremely important to us: make money and feed our family; lose weight; run errands; drive places; buy clothes; learn new skills; make more, get bigger, pay less...

In the daily-life-chaos we often forget who we are, why we're here,  or even just simply ask those questions.

In the new photography exhibition" No Strangers " at the Annanberg Space For Photography, photographers and artists come together with a marvelous presentation of what original life and culture is. 

After spending time long enough to become a part of a community, the artist were able to capture unique moments like never seen before. The colors, the smells, the routines and traditions, the environment, weather, pets, and foods.

In the group of 24 unique artists you can find Wade Davis, Chris Johns, Lynn Johnson, Steve McCurry, Randy Olson, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, and many more. The beauty is that each has its own story and po…


Watch over and over again!!!

Yesterday, a friend came over to watch a movie, and even though we said we'll choose one together once he arrives, I had a solid idea of what I wanted to see: Fargo, by the Coen brothers. Even though I saw it before a few times, I could see this movie over and over again. But more, I'll discover new things every time.
What is it about the Coen brothers that makes their films so delicious? The stories are always interesting, there are always surprising spins and unexpected turning points, but I think that above all - it's the characters. And what bring those to life? an AMAZING cast.

The place is Fargo, ND. The movie tells the story of a seasoned car sales-person who gets everything his way, and how one time, when his scam is too big, it starts falling apart - piece by piece. His intention seems sincere, by trying to take care of his family. But this is just the catalyze to bring in the one and only Frances McDormand as a police officer of the…

Life Of Pi or Pi(e) Of Life?

Life Of Pi or Pi(e) Of Life?
I was excited seeing the movie "Life Of Pi," as I'm a big fan of Ang Lee and admire his phenomenal ability to tell a one-of-a-kind story and deliver in a colorful, esthetic and artistic compositions. Walking in the theater, I could feel the buzz in the audience. I heard different opinions about the film and wanted to have my own.

The lights turned off and it started. Beautiful visuals and sounds and a great, intriguing conversation that catches you from the first moment and creates an expectation for what's to come.
Next, the journey takes off. On the surface a story about a survival of a child in the big, deep waters. In the middle of nowhere, getting closer and closer to loosing his life or loosing his mind.

I went through laughs and tears, learning about life, thinking about myself and god (which one is it, after all?) But above all, how when we - humans - are left with nothing, we appreciate life more than anything and become s…